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Students are naturally curious and the Science program at Whitford Catholic Primary School provides an inquiry-based approach to help students find scientific ways to answer their questions.

Students from Kindy – Year 6 take part in one specialist Science lesson per week which is conducted by a Science Specialist, usually in our dedicated Science Lab.

Based on the Primary Connections initiative, students engage in real world Science lessons following the 5E’s instructional model- Engage, Explore, Explain, Elaborate and Evaluate.

Students engage in hands-on experiences and experiments to develop scientific explanations and develop deeper conceptual understandings.

Throughout the year, students also participate in various incursions from organisations such as Scitech, Bunnings, The Worm Farm and Suez Waste Management to consolidate their learning.


The Science Lab is always buzzing with excitement as the students observe many living things like stick insects, mealworms, tadpoles, crazy crabs and silkworms.  Students enjoy messy experiments such as slime, oobleck and volcano building!

Students are able to take advantage of the latest technology including circuit building kits when learning about electricity and circuits (physics), microscopes to look at objects up close and virtual reality headsets. VR headsets are used as a teaching tool across all areas of science (biology, earth and space, physics and chemistry). Students can feel like they’re on a roller coaster when learning about forces, look close up at insects and animals when learning about the characteristics of living things, look up close at our solar system when learning about Earth’s place in space.

At Whitford Catholic Primary School we want to instill a passion for Science and our annual Science fair is an opportunity for students to showcase their learning while having lots of fun!

We believe that Science provides opportunities for students to develop an understanding of important science concepts, processes, practices and applications in our lives.

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