Whitford Catholic Primary School is one of over 30 Catholic schools in WA that utilise the services of a qualified social worker.

The Social Worker provides assistance to students and their families in dealing with social and emotional issues relating to school or affecting a child’s academic performance or overall well-being.

Assistance can be provided with issues such as:

· Child anxiety

· Interpersonal skills

· Anger management

· Dealing with separation and family conflict

· Grief and Loss counselling

· Child protection

· School refusal

· Behavioural concerns at school or at home

· Building resiliency and self-esteem

· Organising welfare assistance and information for families in financial distress

The Social Worker also provides class programs such as Protective Behaviours and Aussie Optimism program, facilitates small group work, organises speakers/workshops for parents and provides referrals to appropriate professional community based services

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