Whitford Catholic Primary School

Faith in God, Faith in Myself


The Parents and Friends Association is made up of all parents in the school and has a proud history of building and supporting a collaborative and vibrant school community.

An Executive Committee manages the business affairs of the Association, which consists of a President, two Vice Presidents, a Secretary and a Treasurer. The Annual General Meeting of the Association is held each November. General Meetings are also held each month at which time, activities of the Association are outlined and discussed with parents. These meetings are held in the school and are advertised, along with the Association’s activities, in the school newsletter.

To contact the P&F Association, please email pandf@wcps.wa.edu.au

P&F Newsletters are availoable in the weekly newsletter.



President: Emma Keefe

Vice-President: Jacqui Morgan

Vice-President: Jovanka Hawkins

Secretary: Emma Cochrane

Treasurer: Michelle Shier

Whittys Dads: Andrew Dunlop

Whittys Dads: Joel Patterson


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