Whitford Catholic Primary School

Faith in God, Faith in Myself


Whitford Catholic Primary School offers music programs that support students to explore their talents within a framework that nurtures their academic, cultural and spiritual needs. During music lessons with a specialist teacher, students will be encouraged to play, sing, move, create, write, perform and reflect on their own musical experience and on the music of others.

We have a spacious and well-equiped music classroom with a Yamaha Acoustic Piano, Student Keyboards, Glockenspiels, Yamaha Drum Kit, Percussion and Recorders. Teaching is aided by the use of SmartBoard technologies and other relevant technologies and iPad applications.



Students attend music class for one semester in the school year. Classes are once-weekly for 50 minutes.



All students attend liturgical music practice. This session is held each week for 30 minutes. Students learn a variety of songs relating to liturgy and faith, and also prepare repertoire for important school events.



Students in year 3, 4, 5 and 6 may audition to be in the School Choir. Rehearsals are 40 minutes and are held weekly during normal classroom time. .



Private instrumental lessons on the keyboard and guitar are offered and provided by an external provider. Students learn in small groups with classes held after school during the week.



Students who participate in our programs are offered opportunities to represent our school and perform at the annual Spirit Of The Arts Performing Arts Festival and One Big Voice Festival. During the year our school also host a variety of events where our students perform.


If you have any questions about the music programs on offer at our school, please contact the school and ask to speak with the Music Specialist.

After-school instrumental lessons provided by Keyed Up Music provide students with an opportunity for individual or small group lessons on either keyboard or guitar.

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