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Whitford Catholic Primary School will contact families as per the following:

– If you are applying for a Pre-Kindergarten place, the school will contact you the term before your child turns 3 years old.
– If you are applying for a place to commence in Pre-Primary to Year 6, the school will be in contact if and when a place becomes available.
– If you are applying for a Kindergarten place, the school will contact you regarding an interview approximately 18 months before commencement.

  1. If a place is available, you will be invited to an interview with the Principal. Please note that the interview is for the ‘family’ and at least one parent and the child applying for a place must be present. An application fee of $30 per child is payable at this time.
  2. A decision regarding the success or otherwise on an application will be made by the Principal following the interview.

Whitford Catholic Primary School supports the Mandate of the Bishops and the Catholic Education Commission of Western Australia to further the mission of the Church by making Catholic school education available to all Catholic children, as far as resources allow.

While an offer of a position is at the discretion of the Principal, the Principal takes into consideration the following criteria:
The Enrolment Policy provides for the following enrolment priority on receipt of Application Form/s:

  1. Catholic students from the Parish with a Parish Priest reference.
  2. Catholic students from outside the Parish with a Parish Priest reference.
  3. Other Catholic students.
  4. Siblings of non-Catholic students.
  5. Non-Catholic students from other Christian denominations.
  6. Other non-Catholic students.

The Principal may vary the above priorities to suit particular local circumstances prevailing at the time after prior consultation with the Director of Catholic Education and written confirmation of the outcome.

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