Whitford Catholic Primary School

Faith in God, Faith in Myself


Students from Kindy to Year 6 take part in Dance lessons, guided by a Dance Specialist Teacher, and have the opportunity to experience many forms – from contemporary, jazz to hip-hop.

As well as the benefits of physical movement in a non-competitive alternative to traditional sports, dance can help boost confidence, nurture a sense of appreciation and admiration for the arts, provides a creative outlet for ideas and feelings and can help overcome the fear of speaking, moving, or leading an audience.

This program is delivered in a safe and fun environment and allows the students to explore elements of BEST (Body, Energy, Space and Time), locomotor and non-locomotor movement, body control, musicality and timing, reflecting on performances, improvisation and replicating repertoire.


At the end of the Dance unit, students perform a “Dance Showcase.” Parents, families and friends become an audience for students showcasing what they have learnt during the unit.

With the students dressed in costume and performing in a Dance Concert setting, the Dance Showcase is a fun and popular event for the school!

Kindy families have an opportunity to be involved in a “Dance with me!” class alongside their children in a Kindy Dance class.

Watch our Boys Dance and Girls Dance perform live on Telethon!

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