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COVID-19 Self-Reporting Form for Students - CLICK HERE

Please note that this page contains general information only.

For information on specific classes and year groups, please see School Stream.

12 May 2022

Dear parents and caregivers,

I am writing to let you know that free RATs for each family have now been delivered to the school.

One box of RATs is available for each family.

Please note that, due to Department of Health guidelines, RATs cannot be given to students to take home.

Your family’s RATs will be delivered to the classroom, ready for when you collect your child.
If your child attends before and after school care, you will need to make arrangements for another adult to collect your RATs.

From tomorrow, your family’s box of RATs can be collected from the office between 9am and 2.30pm.
To ensure proper physical distancing, please park in front of the office area between these times and call the office on (08) 9404 4280 and your box of RATs will be delivered to your car.
Please DO NOT park in drive-through areas during drop off and pick up times.
If you are unable to collect during the allocated times and are unable to arrange another adult to collect, please email admin@wcps.wa.edu.au

These free RATs will support our students to continue to attend school for face-to-face learning and will minimise disruption to their schooling.  You will be able to test your child at home if they are feeling unwell.  You can also use these RATs if your child is a close contact to enable them to test daily and continue to attend school, as long as they receive a negative result, remain asymptomatic, and wear a mask if they are in Year 7 and above.  Aa letter from WA Health which explains how to use the RATs is available by CLICKING HERE.

If your child becomes symptomatic, they should stay home and be tested for COVID-19.  You should notify the school if your child tests positive for COVID-19.  Refer to healthywa.wa.gov.au for information on close contact definition, testing and isolation requirements.

Thank you for your continued efforts in keeping our school COVID-19 safe.

Kind regards
Mark Marando

30 April 2022

Dear Parents and caregivers,


Following Friday's easing of ‘baseline’ public health measures and subsequent consultation with Catholic Education WA, the following will apply at Whitford Catholic Primary School from Monday, 2nd May 2022:



  • The mask mandate no longer applies to staff, visitors and students in schools. Students and staff are welcome to wear a mask should they wish, especially where social distancing is not possible.
  • Asymptomatic CLOSE CONTACTS* (in Year 7 or above 12 years of age) are required to wear a mask outside of the home at all times.



Parents and Caregivers

Parents and caregivers are permitted on school sites and in classrooms in order to:

  • Support school services (canteen/ uniform shop).
  • Attend both year level and whole school assemblies and special infrequent school events.
  • Drop off/pick up.
  • Morning reading/activities or to volunteer in classroom activities.
  • Attend parent teacher conferences.



School Events

The following activities may take place without restriction:

  • Community events (including Mothers Day Breakfast, Whittes Dad & Kids Camp)
  • Dance Groups (Boys Dance, Christian Dance & Specialist Dance)
  • Choir
  • Whole school assemblies (including parent audiences)
  • Sporting programs (including Cross Country and Interschool)
  • Excursions and Incursions
  • After school extracurricular activities (including music lessons, art classes, chess club, Young Engineers, soccer). Please check with the activity provider for more details.
  • School Advisory Council Meetings
  • P&F Meetings


School camps can also take place but will have additional permission, testing and safety protocols.



Close Contacts

*A close contact is now defined as:

  • A household member or intimate partner of a person with COVID-19 who has had contact with them during their infectious period.
  • Someone who has had close personal interaction with a person with COVID-19 during their infectious period where:
    • they spent greater than 4 hours of cumulative contact with them in any 24-hour period in a residential setting (for instance a home or accommodation facility).
    • where masks have been removed by both people during the period of contact.
  • Someone who is directed by WA Health that they are a close contact.


Asymptomatic close contacts are not required to isolate but do have to follow testing and mask wearing requirements which include wearing a mask (staff and anyone over 12 only) and daily negative RAT result for seven days.


Parents/caregivers are instructed to inform the school if their child tests positive and must keep them home until well and free of symptoms. Positive results are to be reported to the school at https://cewa-collections.powerappsportals.com/COVID-19-Self-Reporting-Form/


Parents/caregivers are reminded to also report their child’s positive RAT to WA Health at https://www.wa.gov.au/government/announcements/mandatory-registration-of-positive-rapid-antigen-tests


Parents are also encouraged to report negative tests to the school via https://cewa-collections.powerappsportals.com/COVID-19-Self-Reporting-Form/ to further support the school with the management of COVID-19.


Please be assured that the wellbeing and safety of staff, students and community is our priority. If you have any concerns, please contact me or a member of the leadership team.


Yours sincerely


Mark Marando







Can asymptomatic close contact students return to school?

Yes. Parents must inform the school of the child’s close contact status and should do so via the CEWA COVID-19 Self-Reporting Portal. Students who return to school must follow the requirements set out by the WA Government including mask wearing (Year 7 and above) and daily RATs. Students in primary school are not required to wear a mask.



Where a household close contact is in Year 3 or below, are they required to wear a mask?

No. Any child under the age of 12 is not required to wear a face mask.



Is it compulsory for students who are asymptomatic close contacts to attend school?

Yes; school attendance is compulsory and students should return to normal classes unless symptomatic or a positive COVID-19 result is returned.



What recording is required by the school and what evidence needs to be supplied for persons identified as close contacts?

Staff and students are encouraged to report their close contact status via the CEWA COVID-19 Self-Reporting Portal. Staff Parents are welcome to upload photo evidence of their negative RAT, however, this is not a compulsory requirement. Positive RAT COVID-19 cases must be reported on the WA Health website.


Do students and staff who are close contacts need to take a RAT each day prior to coming to school?

Yes. Students and staff who are close contacts must take a RAT each day before coming to school and are encouraged to note their result via the portal. Where a student or staff member becomes symptomatic or returns a positive result, they must commence isolation protocols.



When will the school provide work for students who are not at school?

Schools will provide work for students who need to stay at home due to isolation requirements. Schools are not required to provide work to students who are being kept at home by parents/carers.


If a positive case returns to school before the WA Health recommended date of return, are we as a school responsible to send them home?

Yes. The parents of students who are COVID-19 positive should be immediately contacted and requested to pick up their child. The child should not return to school until they have completed their 7 day isolation period.

27 April 2022

4 April 2022


Below please find answers to some commonly asked COVID questions:



Please inform the school of your child’s positive or negative COVID result via this LINK. Submissions to this portal are monitored regularly. Please DO NOT email your result to the school.


Under current operating guidelines, students who are identified as a non-household close contact must complete 7 full days of quarantine. Where a student is further exposed to COVID-19 in a classroom/ school setting, they must recommence the 7 day quarantine period.

If your child was not in this class/room at the same time as the case, your child is not a close contact.



If your child has already had and recovered from COVID-19, they will not be considered a close contact for 12 weeks. This means that, if there is a confirmed case in their class, they are not required to isolate or take a test before coming to school as long as they do not have any symptoms.



Please note that the Omicron strain can present with less typical symptoms such as diarrhoea, particularly in children. If you or your child develops symptoms, please do not attend school. As for everyone in Western Australia, we ask that you monitor your child/yourself for symptoms of COVID-19 and get tested and isolate until you receive a negative result, if symptoms develop.


14 March 2022

Self-Reporting Portal for COVID-19

It is vitally important that parents and caregivers inform the school if their child tests positive for COVID-19.

To help streamline this process parents and caregivers can now inform the school of their child’s positive or negative COVID result via this LINK. The information will go directly to the Principal, prompting our COVID response.

The link is also available on the Whitford Catholic Primary School website at http://whitfordcatholicps.wa.edu.au/covid-19-updates/

Please do not underestimate the importance of informing Whitford Catholic of a positive COVID case. Your actions will ensure the risk to others is minimised and that we do our very best to limit the spread of the virus across our community.


Positive Daily Cases Table

Parents can now access a table of current positive cases that will be updated daily.

The table will be on the COVID-19 Updates section of School Stream.


COVID-19 high caseload protocols specific to schools

Dear Parents and Caregivers,

I would like to again acknowledge and thank you for the ongoing support of our school community, especially as we move into the new very high caseload settings from yesterday, Thursday 10 March 2022, as announced by the State Government.

Catholic Education Western Australia continues to work closely with both the Department of Education and the Department of Health (WA Health) to ensure the safety of all students across Western Australia (WA).

The main change affecting your child in these new very high caseload settings is around the way different types of close contacts are able to quarantine. All other requirements are still in place. The additional close contact measures have been implemented following the latest advice of WA Health with a view to keeping schools open and continuing face-to-face learning for our students, while balancing this with the safety of students, staff and the school community.

Under the very high caseload setting, students who are asymptomatic close contacts, unless they are household close contacts, may:

  • continue to attend school;
  • attend care service centres;
  • attend Outside School Hours Care (OSHC);
  • attend school-based sporting, music, cultural training, practice or events that are organised by or take place at our school, and are held immediately before or after school; and
  • travel directly between their usual place of residence and their school. Public transport should only be used if there are no other options available.

At all other times, asymptomatic close contacts should quarantine at home for 7 days and get tested, as per the requirements for close contacts, as follows;

  • undertake a COVID-19 test on Day 1 and Day 6, if a PCR test; or
  • undertake a COVID-19 test on Day 1 and on day 7, if a Rapid Antigen Test (RAT).

These arrangements DO NOT APPLY to children who are household close contacts of a COVID-19 positive person or who are experiencing any COVID-19 symptoms.  This means that if anyone in a child’s household is serving 7 days isolation because they are COVID-19 positive, the child must remain in quarantine and not attend school.

Students are considered close contacts if they are:

  • A household member of a person with COVID-19 who has had contact with them during their infectious period.
  • Someone who has had close interaction with a COVID-19 positive case during their infectious period, including:
    • At least 15 minutes face to face contact where a mask was not worn by the exposed person and the person with COVID-19; or
    • Greater than two hours within a small room or a classroom environment with a person with COVID-19 during their infectious period, where masks have been removed for this period by the exposed person and the person with COVID-19 (note: others wearing masks in this scenario would not be a considered a close contact); or
    • Someone who is directed by WA Health that they are a close contact.

An asymptomatic person means they have no COVID-19 symptoms.

As noted above, if a member of your household is COVID-19 positive, then every member of the household is deemed as a household close contact, the testing and quarantine protocols apply and your child must not attend school.  If your child is unwell, they should stay at home and get tested.

As a Catholic school our priority is always the health, safety and wellbeing of our students and all members of our broader community. For more information on the very high caseload protocols visit:


Thank you for your understanding as we take the necessary steps to keep our school community safe.

If you have queries or concerns regarding your child please contact me. If you have health concerns, please contact WA Health on 1300 316 555 or at ncovcontact@health.wa.gov.au.

Kind regards

Mark Marando



2 March 2022

COVID-19 High Caseload, Level 2 Protocols Specific to Schools

Please view letter here


Please note that the State Government has announced that school continues to be compulsory and that students are expected to attend.  If you choose to keep students home long term as a precaution, this is not currently supported by the government requirements and school work will not necessarily be provided.  School work can be provided for students who are close contacts and are isolating or for students who have Covid and are unable to attend school.

1 March 2022


As you may know, Level 2 public health measures will be introduced this Thursday, 3 March 2022.

These measures include mandatory mask wearing for students in Years 3-6.

If your child is in these year groups, please ensure they come to school wearing a fitted mask that covers their nose and mouth.

Children in other year groups are welcome to wear masks during the school day.

If your child requires an exemption, please visit your GP for a letter of exemption. This letter must be presented to the school office.



Only close contacts of a positive case need to self-quarantine.

Siblings of close contacts can still attend school if the close contact is able to isolate away from the rest of the household. The family needs to ensure they take extra precautions and have no interaction with the close contact.

Where the close contact is too young to self-isolate, siblings should only attend school if parents can mirror quarantine (whereby one parent isolates with the close contact and the other parent with the rest of the household – where the residence allows for this).

If it is not possible for a sibling of a close contact who is isolating at home to not come into contact with the sibling who is isolating, he or she is also not to attend school for the period of isolation.

If the close contact becomes positive, then those in isolation with the close contact must get tested and isolate as per instructions from WA Health.

25 February 2022

Below please find important updates in the case of a COVID close contact within the school:

What to do if your child is identified as a close contact - CLICK HERE

Close contact definitions and testing/isolation protocols- CLICK HERE


In the event of a COVID case at Whitford Catholic Primary School, information regarding the case will not be able to
be released to the community without permission and authority from the Chief Health Officer of Western Australia.

I would encourage families to be respectful and not share any information they find on social media about a case that
has not come from the school. This will reduce the unnecessary anxiety of potential false information and direction.

Thank you for your cooperation.

Kind regards

Mark Marando


21 February 2022

Dear Parents and Caregivers


Under current WA Government requirements, students in primary schools are not required to wear masks.  However, the Minister for Education has stated that, as case numbers increase, it is likely that there will soon be a requirement for students from Year 3 onwards to wear masks at school.

As part of an education program to support your child in transitioning to a possible mask mandate, we will be implementing ‘try a mask’ sessions to allow students in Years 3 and above to become familiar with the correct wearing of masks.

Parents are encouraged to send their children to school each day with a mask packed in their school bag. Initially teachers will be conducting short sessions on how students should wear their masks correctly. Over the coming weeks, students will be encouraged to wear their masks during certain lessons during the school day.

The change in the definition of close contacts in school settings has reinforced the importance of mask-wearing.  Primary students are being significantly impacted by positive COVID-19 cases as entire classes are being identified as close contacts, under the following definitions:

  • Face-to-face contact for 15 minutes or longer with an infectious person where a mask was not worn;
  • Interaction for more than two hours in a classroom environment where masks have not been worn or have been removed.

Close contacts are required to isolate for seven days and this has huge implications for the entire family.

I would encourage parents of children in Years 3 and above to discuss with them the possibility of wearing of masks at school and the potential for this to become compulsory in the days ahead.  We are aware that some of our children are already choosing to wear a mask at school.

If you are purchasing masks for your child, especially for younger children, please ensure that they are child sized and fit appropriately.



We have been fortunate that Whitford Catholic has managed to evade COVID up to this point. However, in the interests of clear communication I would like to explain if a case was reported, what information we can give to our community, when it can be given and the shared responsibility of our community to help maintain a sense of calm.

In the event of a COVID case at Whitford Catholic Primary School, information regarding the case will not be able to be released to the community without the permission and authority from the Chief Health Officer of Western Australia.

There will be at times a delay between the school community being aware of a COVID case and our permission to formally advise the community.

I would encourage families to be respectful and not share any information they find on social media about a case that has not come from the school. This will reduce the unnecessary anxiety of potential false information and direction.

The information in this email will also be included in the weekly Newsletter which can be accessed HERE and also on our website.

The school has worked together with CEWA to create a 6 Step Plan in the event of a COVID case. We have also formed a COVID Response Team with key staff to handle all safety measures. As always, our foremost concern is the safety and wellbeing of students, staff and community.

Kind regards

Mark Marando






16th February - Testing & Isolation Protocols

If your child is unwell, especially with the following symptoms, they SHOULD NOT attend school:

  • cough
  • sore throat
  • fevers
  • runny nose
  • headache

To help keep our community safe, we recommend that students displaying any of these symptoms follow the government protocol and take a COVID test. To view the current protocol, please CLICK HERE.

Negative results can be emailed to admin@wcps.wa.edu.au before the student returns to school.

To view the current testing and isolation protocols, please see the links below:

I have tested positive for COVID-19

I am a close contact and have no symptoms

I am a close contact who develops symptoms

I am not a close contact and I have symptoms

8th February - Important Information

Dear Parents and Carers

The State Government announced the new high caseload protocols for school and childcare settings on Monday afternoon.  This means further restrictions will be placed on schools to reduce the impact of a potential Covid case.

Unfortunately, our Year 6 Camp will need to be postponed and will not go ahead this week.  Our Year 6s were very much looking forward to this and will naturally be feeling some disappointment.  Opportunities to reschedule camp will be pursued later in the year.

Significant modifications began this week to keep students within their year levels including designated eating and play spaces, limiting activities that require more than one year level to come together, allocated sitting areas for after school pick up and alternate arrangements for meetings.

Monday’s announcement focused on the following main areas:

  1. School Events
  2. Parents and Carers on School Sites
  3. Close Contact Definition and Rules
  4. Testing and Isolation Protocols


1.School Events

All before and after school extracurricular activities have been cancelled including

  • Nick Corrigan’s Soccer Clinic
  • Art Club
  • Chess Club
  • Basketball/Netball/TeeBall training
  • Before school swimming training and Sunday swimming sessions
  • Young Engineers
  • Keyed Up Music lessons
  • Gardening Club
  • Art Clubs
  • Chess Club
  • Choir
  • Indoor face to face events (such as meetings, performances, and rehearsals) will not occur.
  • Contact between different year levels has been limited
  • Year 6 Camp has been postponed.


The following events are unlikely to occur:

  • Swimming Lessons
  • Swimming Carnival
  • Whitty’s Dads and Kids Camp

We will continue to monitor the situation and advice and determine whether there is an opportunity to run these closer to the scheduled time.



2. Parents and Carers on School Sites

  • Parents will be permitted on school sites for drop-off and pick-up in outdoor locations only; consequently, parents should not enter classrooms.
  • Parents and carers are encouraged to use the kiss and drop in the main carpark or on Barradine Way.
  • If you need to walk your child to the classroom, please farewell them at the door.
  • A parent or carer should only attend the school office in the event of significant pastoral or welfare issues related to their child; wherever possible interactions between staff and parents should take place over the phone or online.
  • Gatherings of parents on school sites is to be avoided.
  • Parent-teacher meetings are to occur online or over the phone.
  • Mask wearing for parents will be expanded to outdoors on a school site.
  • Classrooms open at 8.30 and the school day does not commence until 8.45am– we ask parents to drop students off between these times so that students can go straight to their classrooms to avoid congregating in the school grounds.



3. Close Contact Definition and Rules

A specific school, and early childhood and education centre, close contact definition for a high caseload environment will be in place from today. It will be similar to the definition that applies to the general community and is designed to safely reduce the number of staff and students considered as close contacts.

The definition of a close contact with a positive case is as follows:

  • A household member of intimate partner of an infectious person;
  • Face-to-face contact for 15 minutes or more with an infectious person, where a mask was not worn by the exposed person or the person with COVID-19;
  • Interaction for more than two hours in a small indoor space, or interaction for more than two hours in a classroom environment with an infectious person, where masks have been removed for this period; or
  • Someone who is directed by WA Health that they are a close contact.



4. Testing and Isolation Protocols

If students, families or staff in schools or childcare centres have been in an exposure site, they are encouraged to get a PCR test to confirm if they are COVID-19 positive,

The new testing and isolation guidelines include:

  • confirmed positive case
  • self-isolate for a minimum of seven days; and
  • at Day 7, if symptoms still present, continue isolating until symptoms clear; or
  • if no symptoms after Day 7, you can leave self-isolation. No testing required.


symptomatic close contact

self-isolate for seven days from the date of contact with positive case; and

take a PCR or RAT on Day 1 or as soon as possible.

o if positive - follow positive case guidelines (as above).

o if negative - stay in isolation, take a RAT in 24 hours, and remain in isolation.

- if positive - follow positive case guidelines (as above).

- if negative - and no new household members have tested positive - take a RAT again on Day 7, before ending isolation.


asymptomatic close contact

self-isolate for seven days from the date of contact with positive case.

if symptoms develop, take a PCR or RAT; or

o if positive - follow positive case guidelines (as above).

if still asymptomatic, take a RAT on Day 7.

o if positive - follow positive case guidelines.

o if negative - and no new household members have tested positive - self-isolation ends after Day 7, and people should monitor for symptoms.


symptomatic but not a close contact

get a PCR test immediately and isolate until result returned.

o if positive - follow positive case guidelines (as above).

o if negative - you are not required to isolate but should stay home until symptoms clear.

if you take a RAT, because a PCR test is unavailable:

o if positive - follow positive case guidelines (as above).

o if negative - continue to isolate and repeat RAT in 24 hours - if negative after this follow-up test, you are not required to isolate but should stay home until symptoms clear.


For more information including details about critical workers in a high caseload environment, visit https://www.wa.gov.au


Our priority will continue to be the safety and wellbeing of our students, staff and community.  Please keep unwell children at home, utilise the hand sanitiser stations around the school and sign in using the SafeWA/ServiceWA App.


Thank you for your support and cooperation

Mark Marando


4th February - Events Update

Dear Parents and Carers,


We hope you had an enjoyable start to the 2022 school year.


With the recent increase in COVID cases in the community, Catholic Education WA has today advised that;

  • Only small, class-based assemblies can take place,
  • Whole school activities must be postponed,
  • Students should be kept in year levels where possible,
  • Face-to-face meetings should be moved to online, or alternatives offered.

These measures will minimize the number of staff and students impacted in the event of a positive case.


With the above in mind, Whitford Catholic has made the following changes:

  • The Fiesta Fete scheduled for 18th February has been postponed
  • The Year 6 Camp will go ahead with increased COVID procedures in place
  • Parent Information Evenings, which normally take place in Term 1, will be replaced by information booklets which will be sent by each class teacher via School Stream by the end of Week 3.
  • The Sacrament Parent Information Night which was due to take place 9th February in the parish has been cancelled. Instead, the Parish will send home an information pack to families via the school.
  • Ash Wednesday will be celebrated in individual classrooms


We will keep you updated on other events and procedures closer to the time and as we receive further information.


Thank you for your cooperation.

Have a great weekend.


Yours sincerely,

Mark Marando



28th January 2022

WCPS Safe Return to School Plan

I hope you are all well and have had a wonderful break.  We are looking forward to the start of the 2022 school year on Monday, 31st January.

To accommodate a safe return to school, Whitford Catholic Primary School has the following COVID-19 safety measures in place:


o    All adults, including parents and staff, must wear a mask when indoors.

o    Teachers are not required to wear masks when teaching directly to students.


o    All parents, carers and visitors are required to sign in using the SafeWA App (or ServiceWA APP).


o    Hand sanitising stations are positioned around the school. 

o    Visitors to the school will be required to use sanitiser before entering the school. 

o    Students will be reminded to wash and sanitise their hands at key points during the school day.


  •    Enhanced cleaning will continue throughout the school, with the focus on high contact areas such as doorhandles and classroom desks.


  • Visitors to the school are asked to maintain a physical distance of 1.5m where possible.
  • Classrooms will be limited to ten adult visitors at a time. Please be mindful of this in the mornings to allow all families the opportunity to farewell their child.
  • Scheduled events may be modified or cancelled based on the health advice at the time.


  • All WCPS school staff have been double dose vaccinated and will receive a third dose within one month of becoming eligible.
  • Regular visitors and Relief Staff will also be required to prove that they have been double/triple dose vaccinated.

Parents/carers are not required to be vaccinated when:

o   dropping off or picking up their child from school;

  • volunteering at school on an ad hoc basis – which means attendance at no more than one education facility no more than once per week.

o   attending an event such as an assembly or parent teacher interview; or

o   entering the school after hours.

Parents/carers are required to provide vaccination evidence or exemption when:

  • volunteering at the school/s more than once a week 
  • working in an unpaid capacity at the school/s more than once a week


  • The school is in the process of undertaking a ventilation audit and will install air purifiers fitted with HEPA filters and CO2 monitors as required.
  • Ventilation will also be maximized in the classroom by opening windows and doors and using fans and air conditioners.


  • Learning contingency plans are in place for remote learning, if required, including hardcopy learning packages and access to online learning resources
  • Regular teaching staff are able to be utlised in different areas of the school to temporarily replace teachers and other school staff who are required to isolate due to COVID-19.
  • The school maintains a pool of relief teachers to be deployed if required.

We are committed to ensuring our school is a COVID-19 safe space and I thank you for helping us keep students, staff members and our community safe. 

Yours sincerely,

Mark Marando


COVID Update 29 June 2021 - Lockdown & Schools Open

Dear Parents and Carers

You most likely would have seen Premier Mark McGowan’s press conference this evening regarding the Perth and Peel region going into a 4 day lock down at 12.01am.

  • Schools and day care centres will remain open.
  • Parents may choose to keep their children at home, as with the previous lockdowns.
  • Masks are required to be worn by adults when dropping off or collecting students or when on the school site.
  • Please continue to sign in using the SafeWA app.

As many of the exposure sites are in our school’s vicinity, the following additional measures will be in place:

  • All non-essential meetings will be cancelled.  Families who have a meeting arranged to meet with any staff should call the school office to clarify whether the meeting will go ahead.
  • All after school activities will be cancelled.
  • Uniform Drive tomorrow will be postponed to next term.
  • Parents and carers on any roster will need to reschedule for next term.
  • For drop off and pick up, please either utilise the school drive throughs or kiss and drop/collect at the classroom door.  Only staff will be permitted to enter classrooms.
  • Dance retreat will be postponed until next term.
  • Friday’s 3W assembly will be postponed.

Best wishes and take care

Mark Marando



COVID Update 27 June 2021 - Mandatory Masks for Staff & Visitors

Dear Parents and Carers

I hope you are enjoying the weekend and staying safe. Earlier today WA Minister for Health, Roger Cook announced COVID-19 restrictions are now in place for the Perth and Peel regions for a minimum of three days effective from midday today. In particular, mask wearing is mandatory indoors, on public transport, and outdoors where physical distancing is not possible.

With the above restrictions in mind, the following requirements will be in place at Whitford Catholic Primary School:

• Students in Kindergarten to Year 6 are not required to wear a mask.
• All staff members are required to wear a mask whilst indoors when at school and on public transport. Masks are also to be worn outdoors if physical distancing is not possible. This applies to classrooms, all teaching areas, the library and staff room. However, when teachers, educators and carers are teaching, interacting or caring for children, they are permitted to remove their masks if they interfere with their ability to clearly communicate with students.
• Parents, caregivers and visitors to school must wear a mask and adhere to COVID-safe guidelines while they are indoors on a school site. If parents, caregivers and visitors are outdoors on a school site, masks must be worn if physical distancing is not possible.
• Every adult entering the school grounds, including drop off and pick up, must sign in using the Safe WA app. QR codes are available throughout the school. If you cannot use the SafeWA app, please sign in using the manual register in the office.
• Classes from Pre-Primary to Year 6 open their doors at 8.30am.
• Every adult, including staff, that enters the school must sanitise hands using the sanitiser stations based around the school (these will also be available to students throughout the school day).
• A 150-person limit – and the two square metre capacity rule applies to indoor school facilities such as the gym.
• Pre Primary students may be dropped off at the classroom or on Barradine Way from 8.30am.
• Kindy doors open at 8.45am. Parents and carers are welcome to stay until 9.00am, however, please note that only 10 parents/carers may be in the classroom at a time wearing a mask. Please be aware of all families wishing to spend time in the classroom and share this time accordingly.
• Parents/Carers of all year levels may enter the classrooms wearing a mask. There is a limit of 10 parents/carers per class. If more than 10 parents/carers wish to enter the classroom, again please share this time accordingly.
• Outdoor afterschool sports training and activities may proceed subject to the 150-person limit being observed. If outdoors, spectators are required to wear masks where physical distancing is not possible.
• Little Buckets Out of School Hours Care will operate as normal. Please contact them directly on 0401 378 751 for bookings.
• As per school policy, we request that children be kept at home if unwell.

Please note the exposure sites in the link below and follow any directions given based on locations you may have visited.
• The Western Australian Department of Health is the lead agency in Western Australia (WA) and monitors the COVID-19 situation in WA – including updates on COVID-19 exposure sites.
• For the latest health information and any health-related enquiries, please refer to the Western Australian Department of Health website or access the helpline on 1800 020 080.
Take care and best wishes
Mark Marando

COVID Update 5th May 2021 - Public Exposure Sites

The Department of Health has today issued new advice in relation to public exposure sites, including arrangements for testing and quarantine:

Public exposure sites - Close contact sites:

Get tested immediately and quarantine for 14 days.

Public exposure sites – Casual contact sites:

Get tested immediately and self-isolate until you get a negative result.

Public exposure sites – Monitor sites:

If symptoms develop, get tested and self-isolate until you get a negative result.

To view the full list of exposure sites, many of which are in our locality, please visit https://www.wa.gov.au/organisation/covid-communications/covid-19-coronavirus-locations-visited-confirmed-cases

12th February 2021

Dear Parents and Carers,

I hope your children have enjoyed their first week back at school.

Below please find some important updates for next week:



As per the Premier’s announcement this morning, a range of post-lockdown restrictions will be lifted from this Sunday, 14th February.


The two main differences affecting WCPS are:

  • face masks will no longer be required
  • external extracurricular and support programs will commence from next week


Please note that the following safety measures are still in place at Whitford Catholic:

  • Visitors must sanitise hands and sign in using the Safe WA app.
  • Restrictions to the number of visitors entering school buildings will still be in place. Parents should not enter classrooms.
  • Visitors to the school will be encouraged to practise safe social distancing.
  • Drink fountains remain closed so please remember to pack your child’s water bottle each day
  • The school will promote the CEWA Safe Hands initiative across the school. Children are encouraged and are given time to wash their hands regularly throughout the day.
  • Canteen orders remain online and for lunch only. We are unable to accept cash orders.
  • As per school policy, we request that children be kept at home if unwell.
  • If you or your children have visited the identified high-risk regions, are unwell or have symptoms, it is important that you have a COVID test and do not attend school until you receive your negative result.



To make our drive-through drop off and pick up systems more efficient and safe for our children, parents are asked the following:


Please do not park in the bays that are in the drive-through system at the front of the school or on Barradine Way, either before or after school.

If you need to park to drop off or pick up your child, please use the main carpark, parish carpark, oval carpark, courts or legal street parking.


A reminder of the drop off and pick up guidelines are below:



Children should be brought to and picked up from the classroom door by one parent/carer. Parents are asked not to arrive at the Pre-Kindy room before 8:45am.



Kindy students can be brought to their classroom by one parent/carer from 8.20am – 8.45am with kiss and go in place. Parents are asked to park and collect their Kindy child from the classroom at 2.45pm.



We encourage parents to use the drop off arrangements at Barradine Way as per the School Stream message sent by teachers today.


Years 1 – 6:

We encourage all students to use their designated drive through areas for both drop off and pick up. If you feel you need to walk your child to their classroom, one parent/carer may drop them to their classroom door where they will be greeted by a staff member. Due to COVID restrictions, parents will be unable to enter the classrooms.


31st January 2021

As per the announcement made today by WA Premier, Mark McGowan, Perth begins a COVID lockdown at 6pm this evening. This means that all schools, including Whitford Catholic Primary School, will be closed to staff and students this week. This will be viewed as an extension of the school holidays and no schoolwork is expected to be completed during this time. Teachers will be using this time to prepare for remote learning in case the lockdown continues beyond one week. We anticipate that the first day of school will be Monday 8th February but we will keep families up to date with any changes. If you have concerns about your child during this time, please email admin@wcps.wa.edu.au.



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