Whitford Catholic Primary School

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Whitford Catholic Primary School believes all children can learn and succeed. We provide a range of learning support programs that enable individual students experiencing challenges in their learning with Mathematics and English, to reach their full potential.  These include:

- Differentiated curriculum
- Individual learning plans
- Learning support programs

Differentiated Classroom Programs
Within the classroom, teachers develop and implement programs that are tailored to individual needs. We use flexible groupings, technology, visual timetables and supported learning. It is not unusual to have Educational Assistants supporting learners in the classroom. Teachers use a range of assessment tools, including standardised testing to identify what students know and where a student may require support.

Short-term and targeted intervention, with flexible entry and exit points is supported by excellent classroom instructors. This involves a combination of high-quality classroom teaching and intensive small-group intervention lessons, enabling learners to make accelerated progress.

Student Individual Learning Plans
Teachers, in partnership with families and allied health workers, set goals for students to achieve and work through strategies at home and at school. These are used to support the child achieve their individual goals.

Learning Support
Our Learning Support Team works closely with classroom teachers, providing extra assistance and support that enables students to meet their individual needs. Support takes a variety of forms:

- Teacher support - identifying specific learning and support needs for individual students, assisting in implementing these strategies and programs.

- Small groups or individual students may be withdrawn during the course of the week to participate in further learning activities. These groups are fluid and are identified through teacher assessment. They may change as the learning needs of the students change.

- Working with the student's support network, often consisting of CEWA educational support consultants, teachers and parents, to ensure facilitation of processes and strategies to maximise learning opportunities for students.

The Learning Support program may operate both in the classroom and/or Learning Support rooms, thus providing a purposeful learning environment that is able to cater for a variety of learning styles and needs.

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