The Gifted and Talented Program, known as LIGHTS (Lively Intelligent Group Here to Study) provides an academic, non specific discipline, withdrawal program for students who have been identified as highly able students. Identification occurs through formal group ability testing, consultation with classroom teachers and analysis of relevant data. Students who have undergone isometric testing administered by a registered educational psychologist and have subsequently been identified as highly able or gifted, will be eligible to participate in the LIGHTS Program when the Report is submitted to the Coordinator of the Gifted Program for review.

The program provides greater depth and challenge by giving students the opportunity to participate in additional or higher order thinking tasks with a focus on creative and critical thinking skills rather than specific subject areas. There is also a strong focus on catering for the socio-emotional needs that are unique to gifted children and developing strong habits of mind that will help gifted students to reach their full potential.

In addition to the multi disciplinary LIGHTS Program, a LIGHTS STEAM Program will be offered to students who have been identified as being talented in Mathematics, Science and Technology.

Integral to the program are various academic competitions including Tournament of Minds, Australasian Problem Solving Mathematical Olympiads, the Scitech Challenge.

This diverse, challenging and differentiated program enables students to take risks and build knowledge and skills in a safe and flexible context.

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