Whitford Catholic Primary School has been operating a 1:1 iPad Program for Years 3 – 6 since 2016. Within our Junior classes, a bank of iPads is provided by the school, with a ratio of 1 iPad per 2 students. The Upper Primary 1:1 program was implemented following research into best pedagogical practices.

We believe that incorporating Digital Technologies throughout the entire curriculum encourages students of all abilities to thrive and showcase their learning in a variety of ways. At Whitford Catholic Primary School, we pride ourselves on being a future-focused school with 21st Century Learning, whilst the program encourages students to collaborate, create, and investigate.

Our teachers are fully equipped in teaching iPads in a 1:1 environment, and we are proud of their achievements in transforming learning. The iPad program allows for teachers to make more personalized learning tasks, as we believe each child should has the opportunity to showcase their learning in a variety of ways.

The students are regularly taught how to remain safe online, with both teachers and external visitors combining to teach students about digital citizenship. These curriculum practices, along with our school device management system, JamF, allows all students to feel safe and connected whilst working in an online environment.

To view the latest 1:1 iPad Presentation to parents, please CLICK HERE


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