School Board

The School Board provides an opportunity for greater involvement of the local community in the school. The Board enables a spirit of partnership to be developed within the school community and is constituted in a way that allows the various bodies within the school to be represented and to participate in the development of the school and its management.

The School Board is responsible to the Conference of Bishops through CECWA.

The Board meets on a monthly basis with an Annual Community Meeting being held in November of each year. At that particular meeting, a report by the Board Chairperson is presented and the Board Treasurer presents the provisional budget for the ensuing year. Also at that time, the election of members to the Board for the following year is held.


  • to oversee the financial management of the school.
  • to plan for the resource needs of the school
  • to provide membership on the panel which recommends the appointment of the Principal
  • to disseminate information about the school and about Catholic education
  • to act as a consultative body for the principal as required


The Board is comprised of the Principal and the Parish Priest as the ex-officio members, a parish representative and elected community representatives.



Brendan Long  12346

Brendan Long - Board Chair

After being welcomed into the Whitford Catholic Primary School Community in 2009, I was nominated onto the School Board in 2014 and became Board Chair in 2015.

I nominated for the Board for two main reasons.  Firstly, I wanted to actively demonstrate to my two children my interest in the school and thought with my skill sets the Board would provide the best platform for me in which to do so.  Secondly, I was excited to join a stable and competent Board of people sharing the same common vision.  To this day I am grateful to have served with past Board Members and with the current Board I look forward to providing continual leadership and support to the School Executive.

My wife and I are fortunate our children have experienced the quality educational and communal values that optimize Whitford Catholic Primary School.

 Brian Briscoe 2  

Brian Briscoe - General Board Member

With my 2 children at WCPS, I nominated and was elected onto the Board in 2015. Education is in my blood (my dad and 3 of my uncles were teachers) and I have the attitude “Never complain about the education your children are receiving if you are not involved yourself.” So, putting my hand up for the School Board was always my intention. I also wanted to lead by example for my kids by showing an interest in their school.

I thoroughly enjoy the work we do on the Board and I have taken a hands-on approach in contributing to our building improvement, increased safety, marketing and communication strategies in the school.

 Karolina Brown  


Karolina Brown - General Board Member

Being co-opted onto the School Board in 2017, I am honoured to support the Board in the growth and strategic direction of Whitford Catholic Primary School. I am also pleased to bring further diversity to our School Board, being a working mum and coming from a home where English was my second language, I will work hard to represent the voice of many school mums.

I believe it is important to be involved in what matters to our children and with schooling being such a sizeable component of their lives, I will look to leverage my skillset and experience in my role on the School Board to actively partake in this important part of their lives.

My family, including my son and daughter, were welcomed into the school community in 2014. I am looking forward to working with the Board and supporting the school to make it the best it can be.

 Brad Ford  

Bradley Ford - General Board Member

Nominated to the Board: 2017

I have grown up in the Whitfords area, and now with my wife and daughter have been in Kallaroo for 9 years. We love being able to walk to the school and parish in such a wonderful community.

I have been fortunate to be able to visit every Catholic school in WA while working for 14 years at the Catholic Education Office of WA, assisting schools on ICT infrastructure, management and governance.

I am grateful to be able to serve on the Board and look forward to helping as much as I can to support the school.


Kelly-Ann Healey - Parish Representative

Nominated to the Board: 2012

I have been extremely fortunate to have been part of Our Lady of the Mission Parish and Whitford Catholic Primary since I was a young child and am so grateful to now have my children at this exceptional school. From my experience as a Primary School Teacher and currently working in the Early Childhood sector, I understand the enormous role the educators and staff of this school play in our children’s lives.  It is for this reason I will always try to give back to the school wherever possible.  It was also important for our family to play an active role in this amazing school community.

As the Parish Parent Representative for Whitford Catholic, I try to attend all Parish Pastoral Committee Meetings to assist in strengthening the link between our school and the Parish.

 Doug Yek  

Doug Yek - General Board Member

Having been nominated onto the Board in 2017, I am grateful to be given the opportunity to contribute towards the welfare and endeavours of the school.

With two children attending Whitford Catholic, I can see first hand the impact that the school’s excellent staff and education system have on its students. To be able to embrace the school community as an extension of the family is testament to the positive impact the school has on everyone. To this end, I want to be an involved parent in order to continue the community spirit that engenders the school.

I look forward to partnering with the other Board Members and the School Executive in working towards the school's goals and objectives.


Nadine Cooperwhite - P&F Representative

I became part of the WCPS family when my daughter started Kindergarten in 2011. I joined the P&F in 2011 and was fortunate enough to be elected President in 2012. We have two children at Whitford Catholic Primary School.

Throughout these years, there have been many parents who have worked relentlessly to provide support and care so my kids have the opportunity to learn, have fun experiences and develop skills for life. I wanted to also be hands on throughout these years and the P&F provided a platform for me to do so. My approach is that if I want my kids to be involved in a disco or fete I may as well assist in organising one for all the kids.

The P & F work hard to build a community of parents, teachers and students so to achieve common goals. We fundraise to provide students at our school with additional resources and organise functions to assist the social, cultural and educational life of the school community.

We all have to be involved (at some point or other) to give back and also to move our community forward. And that was my motivation to accept the role of P&F President and to be able to contribute in a meaningful way. It has been a truly rewarding experience – I have made great friends and am humbled by the relentless effort that all my fellow P&F Members put in to get the WCPS spirit going.

 dion 1  

Dion Panossian - Board Treasurer

Nominated to the Board in 2016.

I was so impressed with the school's culture in my son's first year attending the school, that it was natural for me to want to be more involved in this great community.

I have 2 children at the school with another two to follow. I currently sit on a number of not-for-profit boards and thoroughly enjoy giving back to the community.

We can never be too busy to contribute to our kids educational environment . I am grateful to be a part of such a professional Board with a common interest in supporting the great team of teachers that educate our children.

 Fr Joe  

 Fr. Joseph Tran - Parish Priest

I was born into a big family with four brothers and four sisters. I arrived in Australia from Vietnam at the age of 15, with no English background.

I attended John XXII College from Years 9 to 12, studied Civil Engineering at Curtin University for 3 years before deciding to join the priesthood at the age of 22.

I was sent to St Francis Xavier in Adelaide for seven years to train to become a Priest.

I joined Our Lady of the Mission Parish in January 2003 as Assistant Priest, was appointed Priest-In-Charge in May 2003 and then in March 2005, appointed Parish Priest.

I love talking to God throughout the events of the day and love working with people.

I also love taking photos, especially portrait, wedding and happy event photos, playing the violin and creating works of art to adorn our church.

 this one  

Tamara McGougan - Principal

I grew up and studied in Melbourne, Victoria and moved to Perth with my husband and two children in 1996.

Although I started teaching in 1976, it still seems like yesterday as I clearly remember the excitement of beginning my teaching career! I continue to experience that same excitement when students and staff are engaged in learning and when they experience those very important 'light bulb' moments when something connects.

When considering what is best for our school and our students, my first thought has always been ‘what would I have wanted for my own children?’ or, more recently, ‘what would I want for my four lovely grandchildren?’.

The best part of my job is visiting the students in their classrooms. Getting to know every student and every student getting to know the Principal is a challenge, but one worth pursuing!


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