Maker Space

What is a MakerSpace?

A MakerSpace is a community-operated workspace where people with common interests, often in computers, technology, science, digital art, electronic art, can meet, socialize and/or collaborate.

I believe the key words to take from this definition are: community-operated workspace. To create a truly unique and wonderful experience for the students at WCPS we need help from members of the school community.

How can you help?

You can help the school in a variety of ways - whether that be donating any old tools/materials that you no longer need, or perhaps you have a specific skill set that you would like to teach the students. Listed at the end of this letter are a few ideas that we will be trying to implement next year. You may find that one of the skills listed is your current occupation or maybe you have it as a hobby/passion and would love to share it. If that sounds like you please get in touch as we would love to have you on board.


How will the program operate?

Logistics of the program are still a work in progress, but current ideas for the format are as follows:

-       Programs to be run throughout lunchtimes, before or after school - dependent on community members schedule

-       MakerSpace to be open 3-4 times per week - a variety of programs may be able to run at the same time on different days

-       Max. 20 students per session

-       If high amounts of interest in particular session, look at the possibility of re-visiting later on in the year

-       Program duration could run for any amount of time - whether that be 1, 5 or 10 weeks

-       Students could be taught the basic skills required and then task could be set for them to complete over the program duration


Ideas for the Space:

        -            Sewing/knitting clubs

        -            Bike servicing

        -            Repair cafe

        -            Photography classes

        -            Woodworking

        -            Screen Press

        -            Coding Clubs

        -            RoboCup

        -            Green Screening/Stop Motion

        -            Reverse engineering

        -            Cooking

Equipment required:

Below is a list of materials that we need to get the program started. We are currently looking for any donations of equipment that you may have and are happy to share.

If you have any further questions about the program or would like to register your interest to volunteer/donate please get in touch with Mike Barns.

‘Maker’ Space Shopping List

Electronic Parts and Tools

  Soldering iron and soldering supplies
  LEDs, buzzers and things that make light and sound
  Batteries, assorted sizes
  Wire, copper tape, conductive paint
  Resistors, capacitors and other small electronic parts
  Tools: wire cutters and strippers, pliers, tweezers
  Magnifying glass
  Vice for holding parts and circuit boards steady

      Sylvia’s Super Awesome Maker Show handout on how to solder

       Instructables: How to Solder 

Computers Software and Cameras

  Laptops, Desktops or Tablet Computers
  Software including 3D fabrication, movie making, sound production, stop motion
  Cameras both video and still (smart phones)
        Memory sticks, memory cards
        Blank CDs and DVDs
        Microphones, headsets, speakers

Craft and Art Supplies

  Crayons, construction paper, glue sticks
  Glue gun and supplies
  Felt, fabric, card, foam, tile samples, vinyl, plastic
  Pipe cleaners, rubber bands, paper clips, string, fishing line
  Sewing supplies, snaps, Velcro
  Tape and duct tape
  Scissors and other cutting tools
  Wooden dowels, icy pole sticks, wooden toothpicks
  Modelling clay / Play dough
  Containers such as biscuit tins, tic tac boxes, film canisters, cereal boxes

Building Materials

        Pliers, clippers, scissors, hammers, snips, clamps, measuring tapes, screwdrivers, punches, hacksaws (variety of sizes)
  Electric Tools:
        Drills, screwdrivers (use with caution)
  Scrap wood, balsa and plywood
  Vinyl floor samples
  Cardboard and fasteners
  Nails, screws, nuts, bolts, washers, pins, clips tape, glues and hooks

Junk to be deconstructed and recycled

  Remote controls
  Clock radios
  Unneeded tools
  See Youth Maker Space Playbook: Appendix B

Some newer equipment (see Additional Items for a Maker Space)

  3D printer
  Makey Makey
  Lego We Do
  Little Bits